SKF bearing units for food industry

Complete part = fastening bearing + house

  • Approved for food industry
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Multi-edge sealing
  • Many other advantages

Fastening bearing with a ball-shaped stainless-steel surface or protective coating.
The house (provided with a concave hole) – polyester with glass fibre (a transparent design also possible = polyamide reinforced with glass fibre, containing also a steel spiral for greater solidity). The light grey surface of the body with smooth shapes ensures safety and meets hygiene requirements. End-lids may be applied.
These bearings are fitted with low-friction multi-edge rubber sealing which is vulcanised onto a stainless-steel ring. The multifunctional SKF sealing, originally designed for agriculture machinery, provides excellent protection against lubricant washing-out and the penetration of solid particles.
Protection against jet-washing.
The bearings require no additional lubrication. The maintenance-free design means - with little exaggeration - mount and dismiss.
Every bearing is filled with a plastic lubricant approved for the use in the food industry.

Characteristics, advantages

Bearing filled with a plastic lubricant approved by FDA – symbol A
low-friction multi-edge sealing, vulcanised onto a stainless-steel ring – symbol B
Rubber suitable for the use in the food industry from the rear side – symbol C
Filling of a plastic lubricant for increased sealing efficiency – symbol D
High-quality stainless-steel balls (100Cr6 steel for bearings with a protective coating) – symbol E
Ball outer surface correcting axle misalignment – symbol F

Sealing in the bearing unit:

  • Slinger ring and low-friction rubber sealing edges = protection against contamination and washing-out of lubricant, increased sealing efficiency against impurities penetrating the bearing mechanically as well as due to the centrifugal effect.
  • Flat sealing = prevention of particles and impurities penetrating the bearing in the place where the outer seal diameter is fixed to the bearing
  • Space between the inserted seal and slinger ring is filled with a plastic lubricant made by SKF for the food industry, increasing the bearing efficiency even further.

The fastening bearing is filled with a lubricant designed for temperatures from -45 to 120 °C – approved for the use in all facilities processing meat, fish, poultry and fruit.
In very extreme conditions, the bearings may be additionally lubricated (stainless-steel system for additional lubrication).