Lubrication & Industrial chemistry

We are direct representatives of PARAMO/MOGUL, the domestic manufacturer of quality oils and plastic lubricants. Thus, we are able to provide complete delivery of all domestic oils and plastic lubricants offered in a wide range of available packaging.

Our offer further includes LOCTITE products intended for gluing and sealing, preservatives, paraffin, and other products.

We offer high-quality plastic lubricants made by SKF, intended particularly for bearing applications and drives.
Our offer further includes lubricating equipment: lubricators, dispensers, presses, pumps, injectors, automatic lubricators System 24 and other items.

Products offered

  • Motor oils

  • Transmission oils

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Compressor oils

  • Oils for slide guiding

  • Bearing oils

  • Turbine oils

  • Preservatives

  • Plastic lubricants

  • Special lubricants

  • Paraffin

  • Adhesives - structural, superglues, epoxy glues

  • Bolt retaining

  • Securing bearings and components

  • Area sealing and puttying

  • Protection and care 

  • Maintenance and cleaning

  • Lubricating equipment – lubricators, presses, pumps, dispensers, etc.

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