Tools & Devices

We are authorised distributors for the Swedish company Atlas Copco, the world's leading supplier of technological equipment for industry and construction. We offer our customers pneumatic, electric, and accumulation tools for a wide range of industrial applications.

Other products:


  • Pliers for gripping, removing insulation, clipping
  • Pliers for retaining rings
  • Plumber's pliers, pipe wrenches, rebar pliers
  • Pliers for cables and ropes
  • Pliers for pressing, loops, connectors, and end-pieces
  • Special pliers
  • Cutting tools

Atlas Copco product range

Pneumatic assembly tools
Impact wrenches
Pulse tools
Impact ratchets

Pneumatic tools for material handling
Angle and vertical grinders
Die grinders
Sandpapering and polishing machines
Vibrating and eccentric grinders
Percussion tools

Air treatment units
Swivel joint couplings
Rapid couplings

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